All your sensors on a single dashboard

Various measurements are placed in a single environment where you can quickly discover trends and recognize connections between, say your sleep and your mood.

Manually enter custom measurements

Custom measurements such as the number of push ups or hours spent watching television can be entered manually. Also it is possible to manually adjust your automatic measurement results.

Personal notes

Record the context of a specific measurement in personal notes to better understand the developments in your health.

Clear visualization of data

Measured values are presented in weekly, monthly or annual overviews. You can share them online, make printouts or export to Excel or PDF.

Super simple pairing of sensors

Nieuwe en bestaande sensors kun je moeiteloos koppelen, aanpassen, omwisselen, verwijderen of toevoegen.

Selfcare is leverancier-onafhankelijk

80% of all devices currently on the market can be connected to Selfcare. Think of brands like Fitbit, Polar, Garmin and Withings.

All data history is saved

Your data history is preserved and remains usable, even when you switch supplier or device.