Personalized limit values

All limit values of the sensor that you use are set to defaults that suit people like you. You can customize these settings to make them fit even better with your needs and situation. You can also change them to reach goals. Coupled with medical expertise and algorithms made by doctors.

Coupled with medical expertise and algorithms made by doctors.

Our smart algorithms are linked to a messaging system which incorporates different digital coaches. In these messages your measurements are interpreted in conjunction with one another and your coach will give you tips and suggestions for healthy behaviour. The content and tone-of-voice of the messages you receive is determined by your choice of coaching style, your personalized limit values and your performance on the measurements.


You can communicate with peers, invite friends, challenge people and compare your own results with that of peer groups. This is engaging and provides you with the good feeling of being in it together.

Chat with friends, family and professionals

Sharing with others encourages you to sustain the new lifestyle in the long term. Encourage and support each other in reaching personal goals.

Personal contact with healthcare professional

It’s possible to ask questions 24/7 to medical professionals such as a nurse, doctor or specialist. This service is part of the extended package Selfcare Basic Plus.