The Maastricht University Step Challenge

A challenge to become the most active faculty or service center of UM


Let’s get your University moving

During the Selfcare challenge 12 teams battle for the prestigious title: most healthy faculty or service center of UM. Students, tutors, professors as well as staff members are represented in this digital challenge. In a time span of three weeks, 200.000 steps will be taken to reach the finish as quickly as possible.

Everyone can contribute and every step counts! When you walk home, when you cook, take a break in between tutorials, go to the bakery, when you go for a run or relaxing walk in the woods, you contribute.


Ready for battle?!

Than join this spring walk and accept the challenge (with your faculty or service)



  • ✓ With this invitation you can create a Selfcare account for free

  • Selfcare uitnodiging



  • ✓ Register yourself on your laptop or desktop computer
  • ✓ Confirm your account with the verification email
  • Registreren bij Selfcare
  • ✓ Leave the action code



  • ✓ Don’t forget to pair a pedometer of smartphone with the app before the start of the challenge

  • See below

  • ✓ Manually added steps do not count



  • ✓ On April the 12th you receive an invitation for the challenge
  • Challenge uitnodiging
  • ✓ No email? Register yourself (after the 12th of April) via SelfcarePro

Once registered, pair your pedometer

No pedometer? No problem! You can easily use your phone instead


Go to meting toevoegen  text

Choose ‘Stappen’ text

Choose ‘Koppel een wearable, smartphone of gezondheidsapp’

Choose your pedometer text

Select the measurement types and click ‘continue’

Log in with your pedometer account


Open the Google Fit app  text

Login with your Google account

Go to meting toevoegen  text

Choose ‘Stappen’ text

Choose ‘Koppel een wearable, smartphone of gezondheidsapp’

Choose ‘Android: Google Fit’  text

Log in with your Google account


Download the Selfcare app text

Login with your account

Click the top left menu  text

Choose ‘Apple Health’

Add ‘stappen’ by right clicking on the plus

Allow Selfcare to access your steps

Scroll down and click on ‘sync data’


Instruction video

Register with Selfcare and pair a pedometer.

We have made an useful and easy instruction video which explains registration with Selfcare and creation of a personal account. Furthermore, it explains the pairing process of the first sensor, like a Firbit, Garmin or Polar wearable.

Register with the personal health space Selfcare
– Select the right country for your mobile phone number
– Select an online coach

Pairing process of pedometer
– Sign in with the credentials of your pedometer account



Questions and ambiguities with the challenge

If you have any questions get in touch with the team captain of your faculty or reach our customer service.
– Visit our FAQ-page
– Send us an email
– Chat with us during office hours: click on the orange speech bubble ‘Help’ on the bottom right of our webpage.

For further reading go the following page
Most asked questions with the challenge

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