Signing up and starting with Selfcare


Step 2: Connect devices and applications to the Selfcare platform

Once your profile is created (in step 1) you gain access to your personal dashboard. The dashboard allows you to choose which aspects of your health and lifestyle you want to start measuring.

You have three options:

  • You enter your measurements manually (for example your weight).
  • You already have a device or application and choose to connect and synchronize these to have the data from these sensors to ‘flow’ automatically to your dashboard.
  • You want to buy a device or download an application. In this case Selfcare will redirect you to corresponding online vendors of your choice.

Step 3: Customizing the dashboard to suit your preferences

When your profile is created (step 1) and the desired measurements are connected (step 2), you can customize the dashboard. By this time you have already selected your personal coach. Additionally there are many options to organize the dashboard exactly to your personal taste.

For example, you decide what messages your coach will send you and with what frequency you will receive messages. In addition, you select the appropriate limit values for every sensor. Do you want to receive a text message on your mobile phone when your blood pressure exceeds a certain limit? Set it up! Do you want to be encouraged to reach 6.000 steps every day? Do you want to receive a weekly report on your step count but not your blood pressure? You set it up and we make sure it works!