Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

As we all know, in a number of years the world – especially the Western world – will be confronted with a rapidly ageing population. Due to the increase in our average lifespan and the baby boom of the 1950s, the proportion of people aged over 60 in our society is growing.

This demographic phenomenon known as ‘the greying of Europe’ will have a profound effect on the workforce in the near future. Older employees will play an increasingly large role in the ageing workforce, and countries such as Spain, France and Holland are preparing for this by raising the retirement age to 67 years.

Intelligent sensors such as step counters (pedometers), blood pressure monitors and smart scales play an increasingly important role in the way we manage our health and wellbeing. Selfcare has developed ways to deploy these new technologies effectively so that they contribute to novel insights into the user’s health. We do this by making health accessible and manageable and by illuminating both positive and negative effects of behaviour on health and wellbeing. In this way your employees will be able to take more effective control of their health and vitality and reduce the risk of chronic ailments. The impact of so-called biofeedback sensors on behaviour change is huge. This gives Human Resource managers an opportunity for a creative impulse to their health policies. Selfcare helps to improve existing wellness programs by taking advantage of new technologies. Managing absenteeism with a focus on prevention and prediction is one aspect, but Selfcare doesn’t stop there…

In addition, Selfcare allows organizations to create a custom ‘cockpit’ to remotely monitor clients while they use their preferred devices in their homes. Through intelligent Filtering software, the system can select the clients that need attention based on their measurements. Go to SelfcarePro

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