What do other think about Selfcare?

Nino is 45 years old and leads a very active live. Every week he walks, cycles and does boxing. Someone told Nino about Selfcare and Nino measured his blood pressure. His systolic blood pressure was 170 mmHG at that moment. His first reaction was disbelief. He then measured his blood pressure several more times. Every time it showed a systolic pressure of 170 mmHg. Nino recently made an appointment with his doctor. The doctors ‘measurements again showed the same high readings and the doctor advised him to take it easy and limit his alcohol and salt intake. Nino’s blood pressure is now under control and he is happy that he can check his status every month with Selfcare.

Nino (45)

Vera decided to exercise more even though she doesn’t like to exercise that much at all. With Selfcare she has realized that physical activity and exercise are related, but that physical activity entails much more than simply doing exercise. Walking the dog for 30 minutes a day is much better than going to the gym for an hour twice a week. Vera works as a waitress and naturally gets about 20.000 steps a day. Thanks to Selfcare, Vera now knows that she gets enough physical activity with her daily routines and does not need to go to the gym for extra exercise.

Vera (40)

Josh observed that his blood pressure was too high with a diastolic pressure of 95 mmHg. Several follow up measurements again showed the same value. Josh was thus in the ‘red zone’ because guidelines say that the diastolic pressure should remain below 90 mmHg. Selfcare advised Josh to get in touch with his doctor. His doctor was surprised. No because of the measurements Josh did, but because of the fact that Josh brought a whole series of self-measurements to the table. A double check at the doctor confirmed his initial readings and he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The doctor advised him to be more physically active and watch out with licorice and other salty foods. In consultation with his doctor, josh raised his limit value for diastolic blood pressure from 90 to 95 mmHg on his dashboard. He now regularly measures hid blood pressure and is able to keep it in within his personal safe zone. A good outcome!

Josh (75)

Peter loves to set himself goals. We wants to enjoy the benefits of having a good health. That is why he decided to structurally measure a few important parameters. All of his measurements fall within healthy limits. Yet he does not take his health for granted and wants to keep encouraging himself to improve his lifestyle. His step count therefore receives extra attention. The competition with his friends encourages him to go the extra mile by taking the car or bike less often. Using public transport and moving about by foot have become a habit that does not cost him any extra effort.

Peter (49)

Donald went to the doctor with hypertension (160 mmhg). The doctor told him that his blood pressure could easily be reduced with medication. Donald asked his doctor about alternatives to medication because he does not like the idea of taking pills. The doctor advised him to adjust his lifestyle and monitor his vitals with the Selfcare platform. His blood pressure is now well below 150 mmHg through lifestyle modification and regular monitoring!

Piet-Hein (69)

Marja is diabetic and she has trouble sleeping well. Through making regular personal notes with her sleep measurements, she has realized that the timing of her medication causes her sleeping problems. Her doctor did not agree with her ‘self-research’, but Marja felt his arguments were weak and sticks with her own conclusions. Her sleep has improved a lot since then…

Marja (45)