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Optimize your health with data. All your medical, health and fitness data in one place. Safe, central and in your hands.

Selfcare is certified for: ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and MedMij.

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More insight into your own health

Selfcare is the ultimate healthdashboard that helps you to live healthy and vitaly for a longer time. It is a unique personal health enviorment where the person and prevetion are prioritized. The control over the data lies 100% with the owner of the account.


Follow the developments in your health closely. Selfcare stores all measurement data you collect through your sensors or manual entry’s. All the information is clearly combined into a personal, medically responsible overall picture.


Gain medically valid insights into your health. By comparing your results, you can monitor progress towards your personal health goals. Selfcare does whatever they can to motivate you.


With Selfcare you cintinuously optimize insight, performance, results and objectives. With one glance you can see the results of your efforts in your personal healt environment. Selfcare helps and stimulates you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

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What makes Selfcare unique?

Five unique functionalities

Selfcare operates independent of manufacturers

You can connect your own sensors and wearable devices to the Selfcare platform. New and existing sensors can seamlessly be connected, adjusted, switched, removed or added to Selfcare. Your existing data history is saved, even if you switch to a different device or a different manufacturer.

Selfcare currently works with the following suppliers:

Measure and monitor with ease from your home

Better monitoring because of clear insight into activites, making connections, the display of trends and the connection with your lifestyle. The personal health environment from Selfacre is an easy way to manage your health and communicate with professionals from the comfort of your own house.

Your own responsibility

Regular self-measurement motivates demonstrable life-style changes. Selfcare is convinced that by getting insight on your own healt and the effect it has on your life, you can take more responsibility to live healthy and vital.

Easy to share

Easily share your data with family, a doctor or a caregiver. The experience shows that sharing with others stimulates to change your life-style. Thats why you can share your data with family, friends, caregivers, home care or doctors if you want to. Measured values can be shown in a week-,month- or year graphic. Besides that you can also share,print and/or export your data online.

Prevention is better than cure

The goal of prevention is making sure people protect and focus on their health. Prevention also has the goal of preventing illness and complications with your health, or detecting them as soon as possible. Selfcare helps you understand your own health better and teaches u to prioritise prevention.

Our Personal Health Environment (PGO) is fully committed to prevention

The use of PGOs is mainly to use data for the promotion of healthy behavior and prevention. Rather than just treating conditions, the focus is on preventing them. Measuring yourself and sharing data are important in this.

By monitoring changes with the help of measuring instruments, it becomes possible to receive warning signals at an early stage. For example before the condition causes noticeable complaints. This development can yield a lot, precisely because the technological possibilities are there

Consulting affiliated healthcare providers

With the modern technology for electrionic exchanges of your medical file, you get a complete picture of your medical history. Integrate your medical data from, for example, a general practitioner, pharmacy, hostpital or laboratories. View trends in your medical history with all your current and past healthcare providers.


You have an overview of medication, both prescribed by the doctor and personal medication. With a usefull schedule for taking medications including notifications.

Healthcare information

You can enter and maintain vaccinations, allergies and intolerances.

Pregnancy information

As a (soon to be) mother you get online access and insight into your personal course of the pregnancy plus an explanation from the doctor and the visibility of ultrasounds.

You can easily achieve behaviour change by having fun

By shaping health and vitality as a game <strong(gamification) <=”” strong=””>, behavioral change seems to be much easier. Fun and convenience distracts from “having to” and simply going along, if its fun to do. Challenge your friends and family today in a mutual competition and collect badges.</strong(gamification)>


Gamification is the application of strategies used in games. These game elements are the best way to increase activity; the teams get the best out of themselves and their colleagues.

Up-to-date dashboards provide direct insight into personal and team scores. Vitality is easy to achieve by setting goals, provoding insight into results and seeing progress. The digital rankings put the fanatic employee in the limelight and gives everyone the opportunity to participate at their own level.

Security and privacy guaranteed

Your Selfcare dashboard is available on desktop, tablet and smartphone. This enables you to track the impact of your healthier behavior closely. Security and privacy are guaranteed while you do so.

The moment Selfcare discovers that your account is being accessed by an unknown device, you will receive an additional login code on your phone. This is an extra security step Selfcare takes to prevent abuse and secure your personal safety.

What does Selfcare cost?

Selfcare offers three subscription plans

PGO of Selfcare
0 Month
  • Wearables: 1 brand
  • Support on every device
  • Care information
  • Consult healthcare providers
  • Medication overview
  • Pregnancy information
  • Child Account
  • Online coaching
  • Comparison

Selfcare Premium
2,99 Month
  • Everything from PGO of Selfcare, and:
  • Wearables: multiple brands
  • Competition and achievements
  • Network
  • Messages
  • Share data
  • Print and export
  • Notification schedule
  • Partner Extras

Selfcare Business
4,99 Month / employee*
  • Everything from Selfcare Premium, and:
  • Challenge
  • Gamification
  • Team achievements
  • Personal achievements
  • Progress
  • Leaderboard
  • Team chat
  • Progress report

Selfcare PGO

The Selfcare Basic Package offers you unlimited access to the interactive dashboard of all your lifestyle and health data. This basic package includes access to your general practitioner, hospital and pharmacy.

Selfcare Premium​

This is the most comprehensive subscription. Not only do you have all the benefits of PGO of Selfcare, but also gets the opportunity to print, download and share information with the people who matter to you. You can also connect many more wearables and apps, set up a competition, and set your medication schedule in the coming months and add an account for your child(ren).

Selfcare Premium is free for the first month

Selfcare Business

Subscription for companies and organizations, for example with an organized challenge or a more extensive vitality calendar.

What do other organisations and businesses think about Selfcare?

Selfcare has a partnership for good health with:

Multiple examinations show that changing your lifestyle can lead to decreasing medication and even invert diabetes. Following and keeping up a lifestyle change is often very difficult to do, thats why the TNO partnered up with Selfcare.


In cooperation with Leids Universitair Medical Center

In the last couple of yours we worked on a project with the commune Rotterdam with the goal of making people excersize more often. Healthy’R developed various nudges for the commune Rotterdam based on behavioral insights. One strong strategy emerges from the final report; the walking challenges of Selfcare

Gemeente Rotterdam

In association with Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

Selfcare has succeeded in supoporting the health center in stimulating exercise in diabetics. The target group with type 2 diabetes and a low socio-economic status fomr South Rotterdam has been successfully set in motion.

Gezond op Zuid

We organized a walking challange in which the different departments compete against each other. Challenges are a great way to keep people engaged and active. By shaping healt and vitality as a game, hehavioral change seems to be much easier.

Avans Hogeschool

Open the Selfcare app

Check your status

Selfcare connects to various devices, sensors and applications on a single independent dashboard. At a glance you get a clear picture of your health and fitness. The platform provides a reliable base to monitor and control all of your measurements.

Real time insight into your results

You can check the impact of your efforts in real-time

See your progress

Visualizing your progress in a fun way can be a huge motivator

Add your own notes

Provide your measurements with personal notes to give them more context.

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