Over 60 % of all chronic conditions is avoidable

Selfcare helps you to better understand your own health and give priority to prevention


Follow the developments in your health closely. Selfcare stores all measurement data you collect through your sensors or manual entry’s.

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Gain medically valid insights into your health. By comparing your results, you can monitor progress towards your personal health goals.

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See the results of your efforts at a glance. Selfcare encourages and supports you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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What makes Selfcare unique?

Five unique functionalities

Selfcare operates independent of manufacturers

You can connect your own sensors and wearable devices to the Selfcare platform (BYOD: Bring Your Own Device). New and existing sensors can seamlessly be connected, adjusted, switched, removed or added to Selfcare. Your existing data history is saved, even if you switch to a different device or a different manufacturer.

Selfcare currently works with the following suppliers:

Enter custom measurements

Your dashboard can be customized by adding self-defined measurements such as: number of push-ups, cups of coffee or hours spent watching television. Additionally, automatic measurements through sensors can be manually adjusted if needed and personal notes can be added to your data points.

Visualize and compare

Your results are visualized so they can easily be compared to see if your personal health goals are getting within reach.

Plenty of combinations are possible

The possibilities to adjust your personal limits and combine different measurements with Selfcare are infinite.

Defaults settings and personal limits

Selfcare provides your important vital parameters with context in the so-called default settings. These settings are determined in consultation with doctors. When your measurement values exceed the healthy limits you will be advised via an SMS message to consult your doctor. You can then determine, together with your doctor, how to interpret the measurements in light of your personal situation. Your personal limits can then be adjusted to fit your personal situation.

Medical expertise

Measurements are presented in a reliable and medically responsible environment. The default settings are based on medical guidelines. Our Selfcare Basic Plus package even allows you to get in touch with our team of medical specialists so you can ask your questions directly, 24/7.

Selfcare neither has the ambition nor the pretension to substitute your doctor or healthcare provider. Selfcare aspires to provide you with insights and knowledge about your own health based on your personal measurements.

Selfcare therefore does not want to diagnose disease or substitute medical treatment, medical advice or other medical therapies. Selfcare can support you with your health through better monitoring and provides you with insight into your own health and the relationship between your health and your lifestyle.

Choose your own type of coaching

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Therefore, you can set a personal goal and customize your goal settings. In addition you can choose the way you want to be addressed by your personal digital coach. Directive, guiding, supportive or critical, you can choose from four types of coaches. Each with their own tone-of-voice.


Security and privacy guaranteed

Your Selfcare dashboard is available on desktop, tablet and smartphone. This enables you to track the impact of your healthier behavior closely. Security and privacy are guaranteed while you do so.

The moment Selfcare discovers that your account is being accessed by an unknown device, you will receive an additional login code on your phone. This is an extra security step Selfcare takes to prevent abuse and secure your personal safety.

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How important is your health?


Research shows that being and staying healthy for most people has the highest priority in their life.

Good health means ‘do what you want’ without physical limitations. Selfcare helps to keep people longer healthy and vital.

People want to measure themself

Research shows that people want to measure more and more self and this motivates them to change their lifestyle.

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The average lifespan of girls being born now possible > 100 years

The life expectancy of children born today may well be very close to or even over 100 years. This has many implications for the calculation of retirement and healthcare costs. Indeed, most of the cost of care will take place in the last years of ones life.

Read more (scientific) research >

Life expectancy at birth in, postponement scenario , NiDi,
Joop de Beer, 2013

Life expectancy, CBS Statline, 2014

I can actually see now that exercising more makes me healthier

“Yeah, a busy job and a busy life. Nowadays I go to the gym twice a week. Cardio exercise, rowing, fitness training….I love it. And it is necessary because I want to stay vital and healthy for as long as possible. Selfcare provides me with insight into my activities, shows me trends and makes connections with all my other health data.

What does Selfcare cost?

Selfcare offers two subscription plans

€4,50/ month*


  • • Various sensors on one platform
  • • Unique ‘Tamagotchi’ to visualize progress
  • • Your health, your data, you decide
  • • Personalized goals and notes
  • • Coaching based on your personal goals and trends
  • • Choose from different digital coaches
  • • Make connections between different measurements
  • • Share data with friends, family and doctors
  • • Compete and chat with your friends
  • *This is a maximum price

€5,-/ month/employee*


  • • Access to MySelfcare
  • • Challenge with colleagues
  • • Challenge with other branches
  • • Charity Challenge
  • • Challenge with rewards
  • • Steps/Stairs/Bicycle Challenge
  • • Climb the Mount Everest virtually
  • • Own Corporate identity
  • • Dashboard with all statistics
  • *This is a startprice, excl. VAT
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MySelfcare — The Selfcare Basic subscription offers you unlimited access to the interactive dashboard, which can be linked to multiple sensor (BYOD). This lets you kick-off your health directly, together with your personal Selfcare coach.

Selfcare Pro — This is the most comprehensive subscription. You not only have all the advantages of MySelfcare, but also gain access to personal medical advice for you, your family and your caregivers. You can ask your questions directly to a nurse, doctor or medical specialist of your choice.

What do employees and employers think of Selfcare?

We asked Lucy, Marc and Eric.

There is attention for my health
My previous employer really only came into action when an employee was sick at home. Fortunately that has changed. In contrast, my current employer gives particular attention to prevention and encourages us to be pro-active about our health. Selfcare is a great tool, which helps me and our organization to stay fit and vital. It helps us to be more active and encourage each other to stay active and keep it up.

Lucy SerraHuman Resource Manager

Now I see what the impact is of being more active
As an IT entrepreneur, I work for about 50 hours a week, mainly while being seated. Selfcare provides me with intelligent support to help keep me healthy and fit. I immediately see the effects of being more active. That’s why I’ve started to take the stairs more often and eat more healthily. Good for me and for my company.

Marc CainIT entrepreneur

My colleagues are motivating each other
‘Selfcare works and it’s obvious when I look around me. Colleagues’, who weren’t particularly motivated around their health, are telling me that Selfcare made them move more and eat healthier. The question I ask them is: Why? The answer is simple: because Selfcare helps them visualize and experience the results of their efforts. And through their infectious enthusiasm they motivate each other to keep going. It really is a culture change.’

Eric TrondheimManager Finance

Download the Selfcare app now

Download the Selfcare app for your smartphone and tablet here (available in Belgium and The Netherlands).

Check your status

Selfcare connects to various devices, sensors and applications on a single independent dashboard. At a glance you get a clear picture of your health and fitness. The platform provides a reliable base to monitor and control all of your measurements.

See your progress

Visualizing your progress in a fun way can be a huge motivator

Real time insight into your results

You can check the impact of your efforts in real-time

Add your own notes

Provide your measurements with personal notes to give them more context.

Selfcare work together with: