What does Selfcare cost

PGO of Selfcare
0 Month
  • Wearables: 1 brand
  • Support on every device
  • Care information
  • Consult healthcare providers
  • Medication overview
  • Pregnancy information
  • Child Account
  • Online coaching
  • Comparison

Selfcare Premium
2,99 Month
  • Everything from PGO, and:
  • Wearables: multiple brands
  • Competition and badges
  • Network
  • Messages
  • Share data
  • Print and export
  • Notification schedule
  • Partner Extras

Selfcare Business
4,99 Month / employee*
  • Everything from Selfcare Premium, and:
  • Challenge
  • Gamification
  • Team achievements
  • Personal achievements
  • Progress
  • Leaderboard
  • Team chat
  • Progress report

Selfcare PGO

The Selfcare Basic Package offers you unlimited access to the interactive dashboard of all your lifestyle and health data. This basic package includes access to your general practitioner, hospital and pharmacy.

Selfcare Premium

This is the most comprehensive subscription. Not only do you have all the benefits of PGO of Selfcare, but also gets the opportunity to print, download and share information with the people who matter to you. You can also connect many more wearables and apps, set up a competition, and set your medication schedule in the coming months and add an account for your child(ren).

Selfcare Business

Subscription for companies and organizations, for example with an organized challenge or a more extensive vitality calendar.