The idea behind Selfcare

Selfcare was founded by a passoinate team of health-conscious technology experts with the simple concept that being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. We saw a world of disjoined medical records and underused health tracking technologies conveniently from home.

Based on our belief that well-organized data is the key to optimal health, we’ve created a central place where you can manage to explore your own data.

An idea was born!

In 2015, our founders, Jeroen and Tom, realized that sensors and wireless technology had progressed to the point where they could deliver amazing vitality and health experiences they embarked on a literal journey to create a platform that would change the way we promote health. Tom and Jeroen are supported in the medical field by a scientific advisory board that includes doctors from different backgrounds.

Mission of Selfcare

Selfcare aims to bring care and welfare closer to the individual, so that we are all able to take more responsibility for our health and care, in our own chosen way. As a result, we are more in control and less dependent on our environment in terms of care and health. As a result, we live longer healthy and vital!

Picture of Tom Segers

Tom Segers

CEO - Selfcare B.V.

Picture of Jeroen Cornelissen

Jeroen Cornelissen

COO - Selfcare B.V.