Involved employees. More energy. Better business results!

Selfcare helps to get a grip on well-being and vitality. From individual strength. Using the latest technological developments. That is not only healthy for yourself, but also for the organization.

Selfcare: Vitality in the workplace

Selfcare immediately shows that your vitality makes the entire organization healthier.

Healthy company

Resilient employees is the important factor that contributes to the success of an organization. It is therefore preeminent for a company to get started promoting and maintaining the health of its employees.

Vital and healthy employees ensure:
– Better performances
– More flexibility of the employees
– More control over their development
– More energy and pleasure at work
– Work more customer-oriented
– A positive impact on image

The measurable employee

It’s not just about preventing illness and burnout, but also about supporting individuals and teams to perform optimally. The concept of the “quantified employee” is the future with the continuous monitoring of health and vitality.

With the latest measurement techniques, such as sleep sensors, heart rate monitors and activity trackers, Selfcare offers a new way of preventive vitality management. Completely GDPR-proof.

Employee Wellbeing

Vitality in the workplace it is not only about preventing diseases, but also about supporting individuals and departments to perform optimally.

Set the organization in motion!

Physical activity is the easiest of all measurable variables to monitor and influence. More exercise immediately has a major effect on vitality. That is why movement offers a concrete starting point for improvement within your organization. Over the years, the average employee has continuously started to move less, especially during working hours.

There are effective ways to encourage people to exercise. Monitoring with a pedometer plus personal feedback leads to significantly more exercise. Especially people who do not exercise much come into action. It has been found that this effect remains on longer term. It has also been shown that the comparing exercise with others, for example through mutual competition, stimulates even better results!

Challenges & gamification

Choose challenges, challenge each other, collaborate and communicate with your colleagues.

Accept the challenge!

Selfcare stimulates physical activity, because it contributes significantly to a healthy organization. The steps challenges are all about exercise! In this, colleagues can stimulate and challenge each other to live as healthy as possible at work. Participants compete in groups to see who will pass the challenge first.

By competing with others and comparing results with different game components, employees are motivated in a challenging way. This mutual cooperation and competition stimulate the discussion about health in the workplace. Moreover, it creates a positive working atmosphere!

Selfcare for me and Selfcare in the organization

Selfcare sends data extremely securely to two strictly separated portals: a personal and a shared one.

Understanding my own health

Here, health measurements are taken and provided with context, which lead to personal insights.

Towards a healthy organization

Here colleagues can encourage and challenge each other to live as healthily as possible at work.

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