How does Selfcare work?

Selfcare connects to various suppliers of lifestyle and health devices. Data from these devices, sensors and applications are integrated on a single independent platform. This unique dynamic dashboard forms a reliable basis on which you can monitor your health data and take control of your health. 

Advantages of the Selfcare platform

The PGO Selfcare is compatible with the MedMij standards.

Your measurement data are saved on the platform

he world of devices and applications is constantly changing. A big advantage of the Selfcare platform is that your measurement data will remain stored on the platform even when you stop using a certain device or application. It’s possible that you want to switch devices when: you are not satisfied by a certain device, you want to use a new model, you disagree with the privacy policy of a manufacturer or when a manufacturer goes bankrupt. Selfcare stores your data, you connect a new device and without interruption you can continue mapping your health and lifestyle.

Medical and lifestyle data on a single platform

A second advantage of the Selfcare platform is the integration of medical and lifestyle data on a single secure and trusted platform. Manufacturers often aim for either medical grade data or lifestyle measurements. Selfcare integrates all of these measurements. The user is in charge of the platform, chooses the personally most relevant measures and Selfcare plays a facilitating role.

Selfcare analyses trends and patterns

A unique advantage created by the broad scope of the Selfcare platform is the ability to interpret trends and relationship between lifestyle and health parameters. This leads to unique insights and a holistic view of health and behaviour.

Connection to the General Practitioner

Finally, through the Selfcare platform it is possible, if desired, to pair with your family doctor and send details of your measurements over a safe connection. After all, you want to make use of the health data you collect when it matters most. That is: when you are falling ill or experience health complaints.

Collaboration or indirectly linked to:




Digitale Zorggids


PGO alliantie

Selfcare connects to the following suppliers:





Nokia Health


Google Fit

Xiaomi Mi Fit

Apple Health




These suppliers use Apple Health of Google Fit







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